WhatsApp Now Allows you to Delete Messages in an Individual Or Group Chat


WhatsApp has just added officially and definitively a function that can cause fights, frictions, discussions, speculations, doubts and even uncertainties among users who use this service.

As you may have read in the title, it is now possible to delete messages that are sent by this service. But, as you can imagine, it has some limitations and conditions … not everything in life is the color of roses.

First of all, in order to start taking advantage of this functionality, it is necessary that all the people involved in a chat have the latest version of the app. If this does not happen, then the attempt will be in vain and everything will continue as usual, as usual.

Then, suppose that we are going to start a conversation with a group that does have the updated version. We are writing in a normal way but we just sent “that” that we did not have to do, or that seems inappropriate to us once we saw it published. When I say “that” I mean it can be a text, or an audio, image or video file.

WhatsApp puts us as a time limit to erase the unwanted 7 minutes. That is, if “that” that we send incorrectly is in that period of time considered, we are well to execute the corresponding action yet.

We can censor either one or more messages simultaneously. Explaining in a practical and simple way: to delete a message we have to go to the chat in particular; then, we keep that particular message pressed and we will see the typical options at the top. There we choose the one of the “Delete” icons. Immediately we will have two options: Delete for all or Delete for me.

It is not much science to tell you that we have to select the first option in order to erase that unwanted for all the subjects of the conversation. But beware, in exchange for that WhatsApp will put a text where it was going that we canceled that will say This message was deleted . Either for oneself or for others there will be nothing visible but that notice.


In other words, people will know that there was something in there but we decided to back down at the last moment, so we better think beforehand what to answer when we are invaded by questions about why we erase that, what we had to hide, why do not you tell me some things and a long and infinite etcetera.

However, that does not remove any of the recipients have been attentive and could see/read what was sent before being censored. Another situation could be that someone received the message but did not open it, and even though it has been deleted you can read it from the notification bar.

In addition, WhatsApp indicates a very sensitive and important point that should not be ignored and in consideration, which says the following:

You will not receive a notification if the message has not been successfully deleted .

On the other hand, going back to the menu section to delete messages, if we choose the Delete option for me, it will simply happen what has been happening since always: that message is erased for ourselves (sender), not for the recipient.

The new WhatsApp feature is being rolled out gradually for all iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. If it still does not reach you, patience. Additionally, I am intrigued that they have not yet announced anything for the web version.

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