How to Move Everything From your Old Android Phone to New Android


Having a new mobile is always an illusion and an adventure, but it is important not to lose anything along the way. We tell you how much important transferring-data from your old mobile to a new one.

We all know the nice feeling of having a new Android mobile in our hands. Open the box, remove the plastic protectors, turn on the new phone for the first time. And we love to follow the first steps and use the phone for the first few days.

But it is also important not to lose the data that we had on our old Android mobile . Phone numbers, pictures, music, applications … all this can be easily lost when moving from an old android cell to a new android cell phone. To avoid this,we want to explain the different ways of transferring-data between Android phones.

 1)Know your backup options

Transfer Files Old to New Android

First things first: Make sure you’re signed in to your Android phone with your Google account . Go to the Settings option and then Backup and reset (or ‘Backup and reset’).

Remember that this categorization may have a different name depending on the Android device you have. Make sure the ‘Backup my data’ and ‘ Automatic restore ‘ options are turned on and your Google account is linked.

The above is to ensure that your application data, WiFi passwords , and various phone settings are sent to Google’s servers .

This will be ready for when you log in to a new phone. This way you will not have to re-enter the passwords of the networks you have already saved.

Yes, that means that Google probably has all the WiFi passwords in the world … But that’s a story for another day.

Note that some manufacturers of devices, Samsung for example, offer their own solutions backed security . If your device is Samsung , you can also use the Back up my data option to your Samsung account.

This will save your text messages , phone records, contacts and even email accounts that you have linked with Samsung applications .

You can also choose a mixed option and choose, for example, whether to use your Google account for contacts , email and photos, but save texts and calls to your Samsung account, since Google still does not offer a way to make copies of the latter.

It may seem obvious, but keep in mind that if your previous phone is Samsung and your new phone is not, it will not do anything to back up your Samsung account.

As for e – mail accounts that are not Google, you can choose the option Backup on a phone Samsung Galaxy or simply download the app from Outlook on your next device.

2) There are still more adjustments

Now you’re ready kit tool backup security , there is another application settings to which we must turn our attention.

On your phone you will find an application called Settings Google or ‘Google Settings’ , app that in Marshmallow version of Android you can find as another section in the regular app Settings.

This controls a number of different services connected to your Google account. This app does much more than just a backup of your data, but for now we will focus only on this functionality.
Transfer Files Old to New Android
First, you must select Smart Lock for passwords. This stores the passwords of your applications and support websites in your Google account .

That way, if you sign in with Chrome on your new phone you will not have to re-enter the password on many websites.

This also works with some third-party applications (those whose developers have included support for this feature. At present, there are very few developers working with this feature, so the best solution is still a password manager .

Among the best for Android are Dashlane , LastPass   and 1Password . The other piece key to use is the Backup Google Photos (Google Photos Backup).

This will send all your images and videos to the secure arms of Google Photos. In addition, its storage is unlimited, as long as you are willing to withstand the compressionwhich Google makes to files.

Otherwise, any content will feature storage Google Drive , which includes 15 GB.

3) Transfer of SMS and MMS messages

Moving text messages is often the most tired and inconsistent part of this process, for this reason, it is advisable to use a superior service.

With Facebook Messenger or Hangouts all you have to do is sign up and go! All the messages are there. The same goes for WhatsApp , which just launched the backup with Google Drive.
Transfer Files Old to New Android
If you’re tired of moving the SMS and MMS messages, an efficient solution is the Backup and Restore SMS (SMS Backup & Restore).

Its design is best suited for Android Jelly Bean . The application will download your messages to a microSD card (if your phone has one).

Otherwise, it will export them to a PC and then use the application to restore them to your new phone thanks to the ability of Android to connect to a PC .

Transfer Files Old to New Android
4) Get your music list

For obvious reasons, you will not want to start from scratch with music . It’s easier if you use a streaming service.

Just install Spotify , Apple Music , or another application of your choice. If Google Play Music is not your preference.

Keep in mind that this is the best way to transfer all your songs to the new phone. Play Music will store up to 50,000 songs in your own personal music folder.

And it can be played on any device that is logged in to the application. In the browser, you should go to the settings and then upload your music to the desktop version of Google Play Music .
Transfer Files Old to New Android


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