Top 10 Best Android Launcher -Update 2017

Launcher, or home screen, are one of the reasons why Android is better than iOS in the eyes of many users.
They allow for more customization, acceleration of old smartphones and a customization of the almost unlimited interface of Google’s operating system.We’ve gotten into the world of the Launcher and here we describe the best Launcher for Android and which is the best of all.

Advantages of Launcher for Android

An Application Launcher for Android are small applications that can greatly affect the look and feel of Android.Replace the manufacturer Launcher like TouchWiz, Samsung or Sense with HTC, etc. not only offers the possibility that the mobile is able to adapt to their own needs, but also has a number of features that are missing the layer of customization installed by the manufacturer:

  • Easy installation of Icon Pack
  • Best Adaptation of the Home Applications Panel
  • Optimized speed
  • Support for gesture control
  • Many other features like scrolling effects, and more


Here are Top 10 Best Launcher For Android

  1. Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is the classic Launcher for Android. It is based on the standard Android launcher, solid feature improvements and good service make it one of the best Launcher applications in the Play Store at all.Features include support for icon packs, gestures (in the paid version), a customizable Panel of different application styles and different transitions of scrolling the home screen.

  1. Flick Launcher


This launcher certainly lives up to the best launcher: Nova launcher. It has similar functions and even better for extreme personalization

  • Inspired by Google Pixel Launcher.
  • Android Style 8.0 Notifications
  • Shortcuts on application icons.
  • Gestures : Slide fingers on the screen to open applications you want, activate                                   and deactivate mobile settings
  • Password locked for applications and folders.
  • Search bar with your favorite search engine : Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Run an app by plugging in the headphones.
  • Grids for desks and much more.


  1. Pixel Launcher 8.0 Oreo


Get the look of the version of Android 8.0 Oreo with its main features in any version of Android .

Most representatives are round icons and Dots notifications and the Google Now screen on the left side of the desktop.

At the moment you can only download the APK file and you do not need to be root user, nor have Android 8.0 Oreo.

  1. Smart Launcher 3


An elegant Launcher for android and Smart that wants to be the lightest and that does not consume as many resources of the mobile as for example the low consumption of Memory RAM.

This launcher is ideal for mid-low-end mobiles. In addition, it facilitates launching an application with only two touches and thus minimizing access.

Also in terms of personalization and gesture control Smart Launcher has nothing to envy to Nova.

  1. Apex Launcher


Apex Launcher has the similar characteristics of its competitor to Nova. It has a customizable grid, icon pack support, transition effects, folder styles, gestures on the home screen, mobile and tablet optimized, icon counting notifications, backups and much more.

  1. Action Launcher 3


Action Launcher has been completely redesigned in version 3 and is now has Materia Design design.

It is especially nice: If you select a background image, the rest of the Launcher as the windows and menus, adjust to the color of the wallpaper. Similar to what happens on Windows PC.

  1. Lightning Launcher

If you are looking for a launcher that allows you to really change everything, down to the smallest detail, then download Lighning Launcher.

Recent updates can be easily overwhelmed by the many configurations, especially for newbies in Android customization.

  1. Z Launcher Beta

This Launcher is programmed by Nokia and brings some special features: The Homescreen are mainly the drawer and some frequently used applications, sites or accesses. You can draw a letter on the screen to search for specific applications or links.

For fans of settings, Z Launcher is certainly not suitable, but if you want to activate the most frequently used functions quickly and without multiple delay lines, this Launcher is for you.

  1. Yahoo Aviate


A customizable launcher can basically be chosen from two categories: First a launcher like SmartLauncher that customize and categorize the home screen and the Applications Panel automatically. Or as launcher Nova, Apex that left it to the taste of the users.

So each one decides for himself. But the fact is that the Aviate Launcher is a good application of the first category.

He designs the home screen and Application Panel automatically and is guided by user behavior and time of day – so you can find the application or information immediately.

  1. Hello Launcher

The Hello Launcher team announces that its application is particularly lightweight and resource-saving at the same time, but allows for various configurations.

Our good experience and an average rating of 4.6 stars in the Play Store app gives you an endorsement in this ad.

Hi, it’s small and fast, but it still offers a large number of features. A launcher function allows you to free the RAM so that the device does not become slow, this will be useful for low-resource mobiles.



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