This is the End: Facebook Confirms Payments System


Facebook seems to have entered a new stage where generating higher dividends is the first priority. A few days ago it was revealed that its messaging service would begin to show ads and now it is made public the development of a scheme of subscriptions for Instant Articles.
A publication on its official website exhibited the new plans of the platform with regard to the dissemination of news. Where the Instant Articles feature, that immediate interface that allows you to view notes from shared links within Facebook will now be more limited.
Users of this social network will be able to click on any Instant Articles link and automatically view the article without leaving Facebook, but after entering a certain number of notes will be shown a blocking window with the subscription rates to pay to continue watching notes.
Facebook rhetorically enumerates different factors to justify this movement:


It will allow the development of an analytical tool (for the sites that publish) that allows knowing better the behavior of the subscribers.
It raises the possibility that sites that publish through Instant Articles generate more profits.
Facebook has already become the first reference site to read the news and generate traffic on sites, so this ensures greater visibility.
This new scheme, plus a series of initiatives also presented to improve news dissemination practices on Facebook can attract more sites to subscribe to Instant Articles so that their notes are displayed within the social network.
The truth is that, in the end, it is a strategy that seems focused on favoring Facebook and sites that hire the Instant Articles system.

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