Now with Snapchat You Can see Where your Friends are !


Snapchat is being overtaken by some social networks.The best example is that of Instagram, which has been copied functions and features of the phantom social network. It is obvious that the application is not going through its best, and this is checked with the number of active users it maintains.

This application had a spectacular boom in its beginnings due to the functions it gave to the younger ones. Sending messages, photos and videos that disappear in seconds was one of the main attractions that led to this social network to its maximum splendor.

Snapchat adds a new map to see where your friends are

What really happened with this app? Opponents like the almighty Facebook or Instagram began to copy some of the ideas of the application of the ghost. And of course, both had more repercussion, therefore the latter began to sink.

Still Snapchat does not give up and after seeing all the copies that have made him launches a new feature, a map that will allow us to find out where our friends are. Responds to the name of ‘Snap Map’ , and with it the application hopes to improve its current situation, demonstrating to users that it continues to innovate.

The new tool is very easy to use , we will only have to zoom in or out to find out where a friend or group of friends is located. Also one of the strengths of the new function is privacy , we can follow our colleagues remain hidden, without the need for others to know that you are connected.

These places are updated once the user opens the application on their device , so we believe that it is still not a fully developed function. It’s not yet available on Google Play , but it’s very likely we’ll soon be enjoying it.

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