IPhone 8 Plus Review: The Time of the New Challenges


This has been the most curious generation in the ten year history of the iPhone . The iPhone 5 began the well-known cycles of renewal of the range, that from that moment they are expected every beginning of September .

This gives rise to interesting moments the previous months: rumorology is set in motion and the imagination designs how the next model will be – sometimes based on the inevitable leaks of the assembly line.And we see the first renders of certain artists looking to anticipate what everyone is waiting for: knowing the next iPhone.

This new iPhone 8 Plus is full of surprises : although the obvious question when we see it from its familiar front is ” What has changed?”.

In this article we are going to talk about all those changes, interiors, exteriors … although perhaps the most important – the one that even defines the concept itself – is the real great change of this generation. A generation that promises to change again what we all expect from a mobile phone for years to come.

The New Glass Design

In hand, the glass back is comfortable and provides an extra hold that will please those who complain that aluminum slipped in the hands.

Apple promises a new super strong crystal for that area, “the toughest glass ever used on a smartphone” , and that casually this time I tried accidentally: I fell to the ground from a table.

Without any cover. And the truth is, there is not a single flaw in the phone – it is intact. Obviously this depends a lot on how the phone falls, but for the moment the expectations met.

IPhone 8 Plus Review

A small improvement in the design of this generation is the loudness of the loudspeakers , especially when it comes to playing music or having conference calls.

The other aspects remain the previous generation, such as water resistance – splashing – which is identical to the one we already had on the iPhone 7.

It should be remembered that although we can submerge up to one meter according to specifications, Apple does not it is recommended – in fact, it is not covered by the guarantee – because it is not a device designed for dives, although it can save your mobile phone if you accidentally submerge.

A Differential Change: Retina Display with True Tone

One of the most important changes of this new generation of iPhone, is the new screen. It maintains the Retina screen of always, with the same resolution and density.

It improves its visualization incorporating True Tone – a technology that we knew last year with the first 9.7 “iPad Pro – and that improves the comfort of how we read the screen .

On that occasion, the spectacular screen gave new life to the broader canvas of the iPad but, what can you bring in a phone?

IPhone 8 Plus Review

There is some confusion about the differences between Night Shift and True Tone : although in both cases the objective is to reduce the visual fatigue by attenuating the screen in warmer colors, in the first the change is activated by a programmed parameter of time.

In True Tone , it is the operating system that controls the screen tones, activated by the sensors that capture the ambient light and balance the white balance of the interface with it.

The truth is that the result in the day to day surprises, especially when we read more on the screen: with this iPhone 8 Plus I have felt comfortable reading for example travel books without feeling tired or heaviness in the view.

The New Cameras that Sell Phones,Better

Undoubtedly one of the great successes – and perhaps the most unexpected – was the Portrait Mode of the previous iPhone 7 Plus .

This was possible thanks to the combination, for the first time in an iPhone, of the world’s best-selling phones during the first two quarters of 2017 . a wide-angle camera and another telephoto lens with which to emulate a foreground focus with blurred background, simulating the effect of high-end cameras.

Including some added surprise, as i Phone 8 have for the first time with optical stabilization  – without being a “Plus” model.

IPhone 8 Plus Review

In the iPhone 8 Plus we have a wide-angle lens with six-element ƒ / 1.8 lens, also with optical stabilization ( enhanced by software as well ) and a new 12Mpx sensor larger and better managed by the CPU than in the generation above – especially when it comes to calibrating the image in the digital processing and enhancing the low-luminosity areas and contrasting them with the HDR with the lighter areas.

The second camera of the iPhone 8 Plus is a telephoto camera of ƒ / 2.8 , combined with the first make possible a 2x optical zoom and digital up to 10x ( 6x for videos ), of which I have not noticed great changes with respect to the iPhone from last year.

Special mention for the digital image processor designed by Apple for this phone, which intelligently detects movement, lighting, people and objects, for example creating depth maps or enhancing areas with better definition – one of the improvements this year is the fastest focusing speed , which helps enormously to get great photos with “point and shoot”. Quickly, just as he pulled the phone out of his pocket.

IPhone 8 Plus Review
Examples of photos with iPhone 8 Plus

The Future of the iPhone Starts Now with the Bionic A11 Chip

The power in the A11 chip is not only computation capacity, it also uses a neural motor to improve through artificial intelligence certain processes, such as taking and editing photos.

This is also important for the new GPU ( the new graphics hardware engine ) that Apple includes in the system: up to 30% faster than what we knew on the A10 Fusion chip.

The change between processors is remarkable when sensors have also been upgraded in the also fashionable “Augmented Reality” ( and its control through the new iOS 11 operating system and CPU ).

The new apps squeeze the brute power of the new A11 Bionic and makes this new phone functionality really smooth and detailed in apps that first use the ARKit :

IPhone 8 Plus Review
The typical dinosaur on the beach

Fast Charging and Wireless Charging Finally Reach the iPhone

The battery is also something that for generations improves, although the users hardly notice it.

This is because year after year, Apple stands the same duration but almost doubles the power and performance between models, using the improvement in energy efficiency chip after chip.

On the iPhone 8 Plus, I’ve noticed some improvement over the iPhone 7 Plus – especially since the last versions of iOS 11 that improved performance. It is important to think that we talk about a CPU almost 70% faster than the previous one, but it maintains the battery life – here Apple a success that year after year maintains these numbers.

IPhone 8 Plus Review

The wireless charge is not as fast as the direct charge cable, but the improvement in comfort makes for my day to day, my favorite charging system: have a charger of this type on the table is comfortable and practical.

If you want to gain speed, both models of iPhone 8 are fast charging, using for example the USB-C chargers that bring the new MacBook and MacBook Pro here if I noticed change and can perfectly reach the 40-50% of load in half an hour if we use them.

An iPhone with New Challenges

Apple puts the iPhone 8 on the table with the eye in a different direction: for technology is no longer enough to be the most powerful and the fastest, you have to use those advantages to offer new opportunities to the user .

IPhone 8 Plus Review

The Bionic A11 chip is a clear example of this: it’s probably the CPU we’ve all been waiting for as a turnaround to new, more complex challenges and a new generation of iPhone that even enhances the ability of desktop computers.

The inclusion of a neural motor and artificial intelligence to improve certain typical processes of the phone is certainly a trend of the future that we just started to see now.

A generational heir well built and thought with a vision of the future, laying the foundations of new concepts and opportunities and with space to grow with the following versions of iOS.

Complementing the Apple ecosystem now and in the coming years as authentic centralizer and catalyst for our digital life. Undoubtedly, the iPhone’s new challenges .


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