How to know if the Instagram Network has Fallen?


Today we are going to teach you how to check if Instagram is down . There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to enter a website or application and realize that it is not loading, something that makes you doubt if the problem is your mobile, your internet operator or the web or app you are trying to visit.

To check it first we’ll give you a few tips on what to look on your mobile to see quickly whether it is your device or your connection. If not, we will tell you two web pages where you can check if Instagram is really down.

First Check that it is not for Your Mobile

First of all you have to do is check that the problem of not being able to connect to Instagram is not because of your mobile.

To do this, make sure your mobile or WiFi data is enabled on your mobile from the options panel.

Also check that you do not have the airplane mode activated, since you may have accidentally given it and disabled the connection.

A simple test if all this seems okay is to use any other application or open in your mobile browser and try to access any webpage.

If it does not work, it is possible that something is simply failing in your coverage and you simply can not use the Internet. If everything works correctly then you have to do Instagram checks.

How to Tell if Instagram is Down

If the connection of your mobile works correctly then maybe the problem is that of Instagram, and there are pages to check the status of the service. These are very easy to read and will serve you to leave doubts in just a few seconds.


The first is ‘It’s Down Right Now? , a page that makes periodic checks to see the state in which a web is located.

In this web you will see the name of Instagram, its URL, the response time and its status. If the word UP appears in green with the legend Instagram is UP and reachable is that the page is operative.

Below this data on the page will appear a series of blue bars with the response time, and the lower the better the service will be working.

If no bar appears Instagram is dropped , and when blue bars of any size reappear you will know that it has returned to normal.

instagramYou also have another alternative page that does not make periodic checks, but rather logs user reports. It’s called DownDetector , and you’ll see a graph with the evolution of the number of reports.

When you see a peak up in the graph is because Instagram is having problems of some kind.

Below the graph you have a red button to report the problems you may be experiencing, and below a Most reported problems section where you will be told the type of problems being reported.

But the most important thing is the graph, if Instagram does not work for you and you see that on the web there is a peak at the same time quite possibly because it has fallen.

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