How to Transfer Photos to the Apple Watch from the iPhone


The Apple Watch has a Photos application in which we can see the album we want from our iPhone, it is true that the screen is very small, but these photos can be used as background in a sphere.

The Apple Watch has an internal memory that is capable of saving certain types of files. It is the memory in which the apps that we install are stored and there is also a space reserved for saving photos or any other type of image file.

In the following lines, we will explain how to copy or transfer photos to the Apple Watch so we can view them from our wrist or use them, for example, to create personalized watch spheres.

To pass photos to our Apple Watch we need to use the iPhone synchronized with the device. The Apple Watch will be able to synchronize one of the albums of the device, so it is interesting to create a new album and put in it the photos we really want to synchronize with the Apple Watch or use the function of marking photos as favorites to send them to the wearable.

Once we set up the new album or decide on the option to synchronize the photos marked as favorites, we can continue with the guide.

Procedures to Copy Photos to an Apple Watch

  1. We open the Watch app on the iPhone synchronized with the smartwatch and go to the My Clock option and then to Photos.
  2. In the synchronization section of photos, we play on the synchronized album.
  3. In the new screen, we select the photo album that we want to synchronize with the Apple Watch.

This is all. After following these steps the synchronization will start automatically and it will take more or less time depending on the number of photos that the album contains. It is important to mention that this synchronization is done through Bluetooth, so if you have a large number of photographs it may take a while.

The synchronization of photos with the Apple Watch is not limited to just passing the original files as they are on the iPhone.


When doing it, the photos that end up in the wearable are reduced in size and resolution, so the file will occupy less space in the internal memory of the device; something that is appreciated taking into account the limits of the device.

If after the initial synchronization we want to add or remove photos from the Apple Watch, all we have to do is add or remove photos from the synchronized album.

With this action, the photos of the wrist device will be updated, including the new ones or removing the ones that we no longer want to have in it. That is, the synchronization is maintained at all times and any change in the iPhone will affect what we have in the smartwatch.

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