How To Save Battery With a Wallpaper


Although hard to believe, a wallpaper can save battery. Yes, we know that you can tell us that it is logical, especially if we put an animated one that consumes more resources. But we speak not only of those who are in motion, but of “all” in general. How can we identify those funds that spend less money? Well with AMOLED HD Wallpapers.

This app, which can be downloaded for Android completely free , is focused on Android devices that have an AMOLED screen. Its function we explained in the first paragraph: download the most suitable wallpaper to preserve the battery of the mobile phone.

As their creators argue, “an AMOLED wallpaper can help save battery life by using dark colors .” “This app brings you a special selection of AMOLED wallpapers for your smartphone with AMOLED screen,” they point out.


All the wallpapers that appear in this application are free, so you will not have to pay additionally. In addition, they are arranged in a total of seven categories in HD resolution, although there are also ultra-large for the Galaxy S8.

With a single click we can download each wallpaper, making it more intuitive is impossible. “This app is optimized to consume minimal storage space . The wallpapers are stored in the cloud and downloaded to the application as they are needed. This way you will not have to worry about filling the smartphone with things you do not need, “their creators say.

“The selection of wallpapers will be updated periodically and you will not need an update of the app for that. The cloud will provide you with these new wallpapers, “they finish.

At present, the vast majority of Samsung terminals use AMOLED technology, hence its importance.

By the way, if you do not want to save battery, pass this post with the best applications to download wallpapers.

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