How to Protect WhatsApp with Password?


Undoubtedly WhatsApp has recently become one of the most used applications by users around the world in regards to the field of communications, and this is not just a mere coincidence.

The truth is that WhatsApp allows us to be communicated with friends, family, and acquaintances at any time and place, provided that we have an Internet connection on our Android device, and the best thing is that we can chat with our contacts through WhatsApp is completely free.

That is why today almost all Android users have a WhatsApp account on their mobile phone, with which they hold talks, documents, photos, videos, audios and others are sent.

In this sense, when we use WhatsApp in our Android device we must be aware that in our user account data and totally private information are accumulated, which we most likely want to protect to avoid accidentally falling into the wrong hands.

Therefore, when we are regular users of WhatsApp, it is best to protect all the information contained in the chats of the application, to prevent others from having access to them. Precisely here we tell you how to protect WhatsApp with Android password, which will allow blocking the application.

Is it possible to protect WhatsApp with password?

Sometimes there are different scenarios that threaten our privacy. For example, we may have left our Android phone forgotten for a few moments and that some relative or friend was tempted to take a look at the device. In general, what people are more curious about is to be able to spy on the conversations we have on WhatsApp with our contacts.

Of course, if we are frequent users of WhatsApp, it is likely that we have several conversations that we do not want other people to read, so it is never too easy to find a solution to the problem and to protect WhatsApp with a blocking password.


Now, is this possible? In principle, we must clarify that although there are Android smartphone manufacturers that include different options on the device to block applications using a PIN or password, as is the case of brands such as Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi, the truth is that this functionality does not It is available in other models.

In the case that we do not have any of the mobile phones mentioned above, the truth is that then, unfortunately, we will not have tools available by default to protect WhatsApp. That is why many users resort to eliminate frequently the chats they keep in the instant messaging application, but of course, this is not the most recommended procedure.

Fortunately, there are tools available that allow us to generate a blockade that gives us the ability to protect WhatsApp with a password on our Android device, for which we must install some of the apps developed for it on the phone, and from there we can block WhatsApp.

Best WhatsApp Protecting App: ChatLock+

In the Google Play Store there are currently a variety of tools to protect messaging applications through the placement of a password, but the truth is that in our opinion, one of the best is ChatLock +, since it has an interesting amount of functionalities, and at the same time it is really simple to use.

The first thing we should know about ChatLock + is that its main function is that it allows us to block, hide and protect our messages and chats on the mobile phone, and it is important to note that not only can we use it with WhatsApp, but it is also possible to block other instant messaging applications, as well as to protect our email and our social networks.

At the same time, ChatLock + includes the functionality that allows us to password protect the gallery of our Android phone, which blocks with a PIN the possibility that third parties can see our photos and videos.


It also includes a very useful functionality, which is that the application will take a picture with the front camera of the mobile phone, if it detects that it has tried to access any of the applications, as is the case of WhatsApp, entering an incorrect password, for what the intruder was recorded in a photo that we can then visualize.

In general lines, ChatLock + has a simple and highly intuitive design, so it can be used without major problems even by the most neophyte Android users, and one of its most important advantages is that it uses scarce resources.

Once we install the application and configure the PIN we can, among other things, configure the time we want until the WhatsApp application starts blocking. It also includes a settings menu, where we can access different interesting functions, created to protect the application that must be blocked, in this case, WhatsApp.

Steps to Protect WhatsApp with Password

Step 1

The first thing we will do is to search the Google Play Store for the ChatLock + application. After finding ChatLock+, we have to download it. Your download is completely free, so we must install it on our Android device.

Step 2

Once the application is installed on our Android phone, we run it for the first time and we will see that on the homepage of the same, we will be asked to enter a 4-digit PIN. It should be noted that we can always change this PIN in the future.

Step 3

Then we will be asked to confirm the PIN on the same screen

Step 4

Next, a new screen will be displayed from which we can choose which applications we want to block access with a password. We will see that next to each of them there is a button to turn the lock on and off.

Step 5

Pressing the button application settings, you can access various and incessant extra features that are very simple to use. There we will even find the option to change the PIN.

Step 6

What we do is from the main screen ChatLock + enable blocking of WhatsApp, which can also set the auto-lock time.

Once you ‘ve set these parameters, we find that the next time you try to open WhatsApp is we ask that we enter the PIN via ChatLock +.

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