How To Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages Into Text


You may have used WhatsApp voicemail on occasion . And it is normal, it would lack more: it supposes a fast and direct way to communicate much information in a short time. Writing all that audio would take you three times as stipulated; However, in the equation there is an unknown that we ignore: what does the receiver does when he can not hear the audio?

I bet you’ve been on the other side of the coin too. You are in the cinema, in a quiet place or in any enclosure where you do not want the audio to be heard; But you squeeze and rumble in the room. To solve this mishap, in case you do not have a headset , it launches Voicer for WhatsApp, an application that transcribes all the audio of a friend in text.

“When you are in a noisy environment it is difficult to hear the voice messages sent to you. The same thing happens when you’re sitting in class, for example. Voicer for WhatsApp allows you to convert these voice messages into written text by pressing a single button, “their creators point out.

How To Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages Into Text

The integration of this application with the mobile device is really simple. Once we have it installed, simply click on the voice message that has been sent to us, point to “share” and select ” Voicer for WhatsApp ” (from the extensive list that is presented to us, of course).

In a matter of seconds, the program will “translate” all that audio into written text. Of course, it is necessary to configure speech recognition from more than 50 available languages.

It works well? We could say that at least it tries, since like every voice assistant has its defects – and there are the Siri and Cortana to demonstrate that, after so many years, still they have much to improve. However, it seems to us an application with a lot of potential . Also, it is totally free .

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