Google Drive Will Allow You To Make an Entire Copy of Your Operating System to Recover Later


Google Drive wants to become your tool to make complete backups of the contents of your computer. So far, your desktop application has just uploaded to the cloud the content you save in a particular folder, but Google has announced that this is about to change.

This June 28 Google will launch the Backup and Sync tool . With it, users can upload any photo or local file to their cloud in a much simpler way, since now we can choose which folders we want to have synchronized. This will allow you to make an entire copy of the contents of your operating system to recover it whenever you want.

Backup and Sync is primarily intended for end users. Although Google warns in its note that it is developing a Drive File Stream tool so that its business users can also access data and files in the cloud without having to be in the local storage.

It will also integrate with the Google Photos app . This way, if we want, we can configure the application to upload our photos separately to Google Photos instead of Google Drive, which will also be done automatically. In any case, until the tool is released we will not have the details of how we can do it.

Google Drive gets serious

With the fact that only synchronized what we put in a particular folder, Google Drive was at a disadvantage compared to other competitors in the cloud. Yes, it was a useful tool for point uploads, but when it comes to making complete backups of our most important files many times we preferred more flexible tools.

Now it looks like you’re finally going to start offering that flexibility by letting us choose which folders we want to sync. In this way we will no longer have to duplicate the files we want to save, and we can access from any device all the files that we have synchronized.

However, Google has not clarified one of the biggest problems that will face this new tool when it is launched. To make full and useful backups of our computer, or use it on Mac as a Time Machine will require space, and Google has not mentioned whether it will extend the 15 GB it offers for free since today is a space that Is busy quickly.

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