Google Assistant Allows you to Make Purchases using Only Voice


Online shopping is about to suffer a revolution thanks to virtual assistants. This is what Google wants with its Assistant: already allows to make purchases with the voice in the United States.

“OK Google. I want a Pixel 2 “. This simple phrase that you could say out loud also has the visions of becoming a materialized purchase .

In order to break the barriers between artificial intelligence and the user, Google dispenses screens to enable the purchase of products online using only the voice.

Saying “Ok, Google” and expressing a desire to buy would open the possibility of receiving the product at home without having to enter any type of confirmation or bank information.

Google has our card in the account, so a verbal confirmation would be enough to make the payment .

And, since all voice commands are recorded, the order would remain as clear proof of the intended purchase.

Ease of Use and Without Losing the Impulse to Buy

google-assistantOne of the goals of any trader, especially online, is decrease the time and steps that take place between looking at the product in a store and ending up paying it.


What is commonly called “impulse buying” is essential to increase the number of sales: given that most products are not of basic use, we should not put too much effort or time in assessing whether they are suitable or not for us.

Allowing purchase with Google Assistant not only makes the transaction simpler, it also favors the momentum since we will not physically see the item or have time to assess your need during the checkout or payment process.

Target, a major US distribution chain, and Google have seen it clear: greater immediacy and a novel way of selling through the Internet .

Target and Google Assistant allow purchase in the United States through voice interaction. The assistant will know what are the usual products of the user and can recommend their purchase while offering suggestions based on them .

Google Assistant will know the sizes that the user usually chooses for his products, so he will do the orders without exceeding the quantities.

Google Assistant will Know even more About our Consumption Habits


Google knows what articles we look at on the Internet, advertising chases us wherever we go with the blissful ” retargeting ” (when you see a product on a page and then it appears in the ads of all the websites you visit) and now even know what size we choose and how often .

All in order to offer a better shopping experience and, above all, to make it much faster.

Purchases with Google Assistant are eligible for Google Home and other devices that include the wizard, also on smartphones .

It works with the service “Google Express” that the company offers in the United States. A service that is now joined by the Target distribution chain.

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