FLARE: Home Security with Artificial Intelligence


Another security camera at home? Have not we seen a few already ? The truth is yes, but attentive to this new bet because it comes with an extra ingredient that can distance it from its rivals.

We refer to BuddyGuard (or more specifically, its Flare product), a home surveillance camera that does what you can expect from it (record the movements as soon as it detects and recognize faces), but also incorporates Artificial Intelligence in a very innovative way: he is able to make his own decisions without ‘bothering’ the owner.

If you already have a camera of this type in your house, you will have been able to verify that the subject of the notifications, some of them, do not take it too well: the dog, a member of the family … in the end to the camera.

It is difficult to distinguish between a real alert and another that is not. BuddyGuard takes full advantage of the AI’s potential to debug alerts and notifications that reach the user, but attentive by going much further: it is able to make its own decisions.


In effect, the algorithm, before a face or sound that does not recognize, can choose to notify the user or contact an alarm center so that the alert arrives directly to the police .

That is, in the end, the number of alerts that the user will receive will be very clean and limited and in most cases, when they deserve it.

The camera also has a mechanical shutter system that automatically activates when the members of the house are in the home – for those most concerned about privacy – and on the other hand, everything runs within the own hardware without sending anything to the cloud to further strengthen the system.

If you are convinced of the idea, you will have to wait for Flare to be sold in our countries, since it can only be purchased for the moment in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom at a price of -toma seat- 449 euros.

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