Do Battery-Cooler Apps Really Work?


If we often use our Android cell phone, and use it for different situations, such as playing games, listening to music, chatting, surfing the internet, watching videos and so on, we have probably noticed that sometimes the device starts to increase its temperature, since we detect that heat when we have it in our hands.

The truth is that Android phones can get to raise their temperature for various reasons, such as due to the operation of the CPU, according to the type of battery they have, they can also heat up as a result of the charger, and at the same time it can get to raise its temperature due to applications that work in the background, or for applications that we are using and consume a lot of resources.

At this point, we must bear in mind that a high temperature in the device is not a good thing since the ideal is that it works at a normal temperature since it provides better performance RAM memory and the phone’s CPU, which it can work more stable and fluid.

Ideally, when we notice that the temperature of our smartphone increases, perform some simple procedures to cool it, such as if you are charging your battery, disconnect it for a moment from the charger.

Precisely here we tell you what are the convenient steps to cool the battery of our Android, for which we will use different applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

What is a Battery Cooler?

To begin the process of cooling our mobile phone, the first thing we must do is to know what kind of heating it is, that is, whether it is a serious heating or not, as well as if it is something normal for the device.

From there, if it is normal in the behavior of the phone, we can start looking for solutions to reduce the temperature, which we can control through applications.

Precisely in the Google Play Store, we can find a huge number of applications that can help us avoid overheating the mobile phone, and at the same time provide us with some solutions to cool our Android when its temperature has risen.


In most cases, the applications for this give us access to information about the actual temperature that the cell phone has at that moment, and at the same time allow us to activate a normal temperature protection.

It should be noted here that these applications do not have the real function of being able to cool our Android phone, but it is true that they can be of great help so that the CPU is not saturated in its operation, which will decrease the temperature of the device.

Does a Battery Cooler Work?

Taking into account what we mentioned above, to the question of whether a battery cooler really works, we must answer yes and no. Keep in mind that applications to cool the phone are not magic, but actually make a series of procedures in the software to make this happen.

Therefore, it is extremely important that we can know before anything if there are problems in the battery of the device because it could be causing the increase in temperature. For this, we recommend using the application called Castro, which can be downloaded for free at this link.


In general, it is an application that offers diagnostic information about our device, including the status of the CPU, battery control, memory usage, and so on. With it, we can evaluate if our Android phone has some physical problem.

Once we have discarded any type of physical problem that could have the battery, the CPU, the charger, the memory and others, it is recommended to press the button to access the recent applications and close them all, in order that there is no more application running in the background, because many times this is the reason why our phone is heated.

When we have tried all of the above, but still note that our cell phone continues to heat up, it is best to opt to use an application that allows us to monitor different processes of the phone, to cool the device.

The Best Battery Cooler: Clean Master

In the Google Play Store, we can find a huge amount of applications to lower the temperature of our mobile phone. However, we believe that the best battery cooler is undoubtedly the popular Clean Master application.

Clean Master is an application that many of us already know because the truth is that it is one of the most popular optimizers for Android because it includes a huge number of functionalities to make our device work better.

Therefore we can say that Clean Master is a complete application, and we could even consider it as the best battery cooler, since it also includes features and options to avoid heating the mobile phone, and lower the temperature of the same when we notice that it is very elevated

Among the main features of Clean Master, we find that it is a tool that allows us to free space, clean garbage accumulated in the device, save battery, protect our privacy using an advanced antivirus, protect the security of our Wi-Fi network, and also help to decrease the temperature of the equipment.



For this, it includes a function called Phone Boost, with which we can free the RAM of the Android phone since it allows us to stop applications that run in the background.

It also has an option to save battery, with which we can not only analyze the state of the battery, but also that some processes are performed to prevent the battery of the device from running out quickly, and with this, we also managed to avoid heating.

It also has a CPU cooler option, which reduces the use of the CPU, making it stop those applications that produce overheating, so we can cool the mobile phone easily.

Use a Battery Cooler

Step 1

Once we have downloaded the application, we execute it and in the main screen, we click on the “Start” button.

Step 2

We wait a few seconds for the application to analyze a number of junk files we have in Android. If we wish, we can click on the “Clean garbage” button to delete these files.

Step 3

Click on the arrow to return to the home page of the app and click on the section “CPU cooler”. We will see that the automatic scanning of the CPU will start.

Step 4

After that, we will be shown the current temperature of the CPU and if we notice that it is high, we must click on the “Cool” button.

Step 5

We wait a few moments for the app to perform the cooling process of the CPU and once it has finished a page will be displayed in which we will be notified that the cooling has been completed successfully.

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