Can Battery-Saving Apps Really Extend Battery Life?

One of the biggest obsessions that the user of a smartphone has is the issue of how long it will last on your device, a factor directly linked to the power offered by the battery itself, but also in the equation has a lot to do with how we use the cellular, that is, if we always have sensors and features such as WiFi, GPS, NFC, or we have many applications that run in the background.
This concern about the battery life of the phone is not a minor issue, since a dead cell is really good for little, and may even put us in enough trouble, not to have the economic losses that can bring us.For this reason, users are always in search of a procedure that allows them to squeeze the maximum battery life of the phone, and among these are the so-called “Battery Savers”.

What is a Battery Saver?

A battery saver is nothing else than an application that allows us, through different tricks, to extend the useful life of our phone’s battery.

There is no magic in them since the only function they have is to implement automatically and with a single touch function that we can modify ourselves.

So if we expect magic from the battery savers for Android, we will not find it, since they are all functions that the phone already provides, or that we can disable by our means to achieve longer battery life, such as disconnecting when we do not need the phone, uninstalling applications that run in the background and that we do not need.

Also in this scenario are to disable the location system, WiFi, NFC and other sensors when we do not use them, adjust the brightness of the screen and of course enable the native battery saving mode of Android, among other tricks to save battery.

The main advantage of battery savers is, as we mentioned, the possibility that with a single touch of the screen we enable and disable all these functions and features together to maximize battery life, in much less time than we would need to do it manually.

Does a Battery Saver Work?

Just by doing a quick search in Google Play Store we will realize that there is no doubt that battery savers are one of the most downloaded and used applications.

However, this does not mean that they all work correctly, it is more, with each passing day several apps of this type are removed from the store because they contain malware.

This is because being one of the types of applications most used by users, they are the preferred target of virus developers.

That is why when we get ready to install a battery saver, we must be careful and investigate the app thoroughly, that is to say, what its users say about it, the reputation of the designer, who has been on the market for some years and above all. things, that it complies with what it promises to do, extend the life of our Android phone’s battery.


Although it seems difficult, there are still some applications to save battery for Android that escape from all this and provide an excellent service, allowing us to get that extra couple of hours of battery life from our phone.

From this point, we will show you which, taking into account what has mentioned above, is to our knowledge the best battery saver available for Android.

The Best Battery Saver: DU Battery Saver

As mentioned, there are several alternatives to save battery in Android, however, one of the few that meet the necessary requirements is DU Battery Saver, a totally free app from a well-known and reliable developer, called DU.

In this case, DU Battery Saver complies with the function of energy saving excellently, and according to its developer can help us achieve up to 50% more battery life of the phone, regardless of the brand and model thereof.


In addition to the battery saver functions , DU Battery Saver offers some other features aimed at user comfort, such as widgets for turning battery power on and off, stopping apps that are running in the background, selecting the type of configuration of saving of battery between the predefined ways or the personalized ways and the possibility of looking for and correcting any problem related to the power consumption.

It also incorporates an intelligent charging system, which allows the battery of the phone to be charged evenly, preventing it from overheating and thereby shortening the useful life of it.

Due to its features, there is no doubt that DU Battery Saver is the simplest and fastest way to extend the battery life of the Android phone, to be able to count on it when we need it most.

How to Use a battery saver?

Basically, once we install the battery saver, what we can do by clicking on this link, we execute it, and once DU Battery Saver is in operation we will find the main screen, where it will inform us of the consumption problems of detected battery, offering us the possibility to correct them.

Also on the same screen, we will find a series of options, the most important being the icon of three horizontal stripes located in the upper left margin of the interface, since there we will find the option “Mode”, which ultimately it will allow to select the way in which the battery saver behaves

Here we can select between three different preconfigured modes. We also have the possibility to create our own energy saving profile, through the option “Add new mode”. Once we press this option, a new screen will appear that will allow us to select the parameters of the energy profile to adapt it to our needs.

We choose the options and after that, click on the “Save” button.

When we have finished with the creation of the profile, we can access it whenever we want by clicking on the widget of the app.


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