Best Google play Android Torrent App


Do you want to know what are the best android torrent of google play ? The download of torrent files, is something very habitual for many years, so surely you have done it sometime, from your computer or already from mobile or tablet.

As most of us are accustomed to download torrent from the PC and what you want is to do it from your smartphone or tablet, we show you the best android apps to do it in a comfortable way.

Best Google play android torrent

What is the best torrent in the play store?

In the Android games and apps store Google play, we will find lots of apps to download torrent files . As is normal, between so much app, we may get lost and not really install the client that is worth more. That’s why we bring 4 of the best torrent apps from Google play .

Thus, you will have a couple of pulsations downloading content like movies, series, games, music, courses, books and whatever you look for.


ATorrent is an application for making torrent downloads very simple and effective. You simply have to choose it, to open the file that you have previously downloaded and you will see how the download will start and later stored on your mobile or tablet.

Of course, you can see your progress at all times, pause and resume the download as soon as you want.

One of the strengths of this application is its widget, which you can put on the home screen of your mobile. From this widget you can see the progress of your downloads, without entering the application directly and, for example, pause the download faster, when you leave the WiFi network.


Probably one of the most popular torrent download applications on the Play Store. The mode of use is very similar to the previous one: you will simply have to choose it, to open the file and torrent will download what we are looking for. As you know, there are lots of websites, with links to downloads, sharing them in lists of torrent links.

A very interesting feature of this client is WiFi only mode , which will stop downloads, whenever you leave a wireless network, not to spend data from our mobile internet contract.

It is also striking your player, which will allow you to enjoy the songs or videos you have downloaded, directly from the application itself, without the need to download any additional.


The first thing that strikes us, when we open this android application, is its design, as simple as detailed and attractive.

But once we delve into this torrent app, we see how to find everything we can ask a torrent download application . Thus, you also have the option to pause or resume downloads whenever you want, and also allows you to activate a WiFi mode, so that the data expenditure is not higher than we would like.


The best torrent? BitTorrent is probably one of the most used programs in the world, to download this type of files from the computer. And as expected, with the rise of mobile devices, they launched to create their own application for Android, where we find virtually everything we could expect from it.


So what is the best app to download torrent?

It is not easy to answer this question, especially considering that all the apps we mentioned above, have very similar features . The reality is that, you use the app you use, you should not have too many problems when making your downloads in a convenient and simple.

Probably, if you have previously used BitTorrent in the computer, it is comfortable to continue using it, although if you are used to the Material Desing, you will not have problems learning how to use any of the others.

As for buying or not the payment version, again it depends a lot on your tastes and the desire to spend a few euros, pesos, dollars … Ads are not usually very invasive, but they do that you should have a little more Careful not to press anything you should not. And for just over 2 euros that cost the versions of payment, maybe you are worth getting rid of the hated ads in apps.

And you, what application do you use to download torrent on android? We invite you to tell us in the comments section, which you will find at the end of this article and choose the best torrent google play .

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