Amazon Pharmacy:Amazon Wants you to Buy your Medication


The United States is a country that, for better or worse, has very different aspects to us.

One of them, and that has always caught my attention in watching movies and TV series is the possibility of buying certain drugs in supermarkets.

Such as going and buying a can of tuna. However now Amazon wants to go a step further and become a sort of online pharmacy.

Many sales giant started selling books online and now even allows you to fill the shopping basket with cleaning products and food.

Now it’s Amazon’s plans to continue the business in a expand form and to provide you the medicines that your doctor prescribed it .


Amazon,the next online pharmacy?

Thus, it could come a time when, instead of going down to the pharmacy, we can order at Amazon our prescription drugs.

We can also order food, technology products and other products of the most varied categories . According to CNBC, the e-commerce giant is considering entering the pharmacy business.

Amazon’s chief of staff Eric French allegedly increased staffing for the “health care” project last year, while consulting “dozens of people.”


A few months ago, CNBC reported that Amazon had hired Mark Lyons, from non-profit health insurance company Premera Blue Cross, to create an internal pharmacy benefits administrator.

And it could be that the success of this project determines whether or not Amazon continues with its plans.


And while the decision may come sooner than expected, sending home drugs may not be as close as it requires experts in the drug supply chain.

Some analysts talk about one or two years before the company can announce its new activity, which could be done in association with a drug distributor.

And that in the United States because for the rest of the world like Spain, pharmaceutical lords, you can be calm and we, sit waiting.

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