Amazon Key Launches Walmart to Deliver Orders in Your House


We talked about a rather striking and ambitious idea on the part of Walmart to deliver the purchases made at the door of our home, or rather, directly inside the home. However, the company of Jeff Bezos instantly took note of this and this is how it presents Amazon Key today, its response to the competition that arrives in advance.

It works for those registered in Amazon Prime, allowing access to our residence to relatives, friends, cleaners or any other person or some other activity that you think of.

Currently, the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, an initial kit costing USD $ 249.99, includes a security camera and an intelligent Kwikset or Yale padlock. The camera, titled Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition), captures video in Full HD, has night vision and two-way audio.

The kit can be purchased and installed on our own or ask a technician of the firm to do so. Once the installation is done, we can make use of and enjoy the new function.

amazon key

The system itself starts with a message on our smartphone after having placed a specific app, there will warn us that within the next 4 hours a deliveryman will leave a package at our house. The following notice sounds to us when that person is already entering the home. The employee will previously have a permit that will be automatically verified with the smart lock, without the need to provide codes or passwords. Once this permission is validated, the door opens and the subject can enter.

To have a control and tranquility of the situation, we can continue in streaming through the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) the movements of who is in. If for some reason right at that moment we are busy and we can not check the phone, then we have the possibility to do it later in deferred.

Either way, when the dealer/manager has finished his / her work, a final notice will reach our cellphone indicating that the lock has been activated again and that person has already left.

In case of not having a satisfactory delivery or any other inconveniences, there is the Amazon Key Happiness Guarantee support as a guarantee against this type of situations.

amazon key

As a guide to kill curiosity and intrigue, Amazon left a series of frequently asked questions on the web dedicated to Amazon Key. Some of them clarify, for example, that to assign one of these shipments should be chosen the option “FREE in-home delivery”, emphasizing that it is a free service for Prime users.

Another point to note is that the new service is not integrated with home security systems. That is if we have an alarm or some other security system it will be better to leave it disabled for the day of delivery.

Amazon Key is a technology that is only available in some locations in the United States. Nothing was mentioned about expanding it to more territories, but it is obvious that if it were to happen the case will not be soon.

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