5 Reasons To Choose A Smartphone With Removable Battery


The battery is one of the most important factors to take into account when buying a phone and at the same time remains one of the biggest problems.

Bigger and clearer displays, more powerful processors, but batteries that do not even arrive at 12 o’clock at a good pace.

The advance in technology is positive but in autonomy we are still going back, so I continue to apologize the removable battery.

1.Being able to easily replace the battery is already a luxury

This is undoubtedly the main advantage of removable batteries. If we can extract it, logically we can replace it. The main reason for replacing a battery is its deterioration. The life of a battery is limited to a series of charge / discharge cycles, normally up to two or three years.

We will discover that the battery of our smartphone is approaching its end if we appreciate some decrease in its autonomy or this change of form. If it swells inside a smartphone that can not be removed it can end up in the breakage of the device itself.

As a solution, we simply have to change the battery. On the internet, we will find a wide range of batteries at very affordable prices. If our smartphone had a fixed battery, we would have to resort to a technician and that could cost us a few more money.

2.With another battery, double autonomy

Very close to the fact of replacing the battery in case it has been damaged is simply to change it because it has been exhausted.

Buying a spare battery can cause us to have double the battery. An extra battery can not get out of more of a hurry. Thus, we can go from 0 to 100% in seconds!

Many of you will be thinking that for smartphones with fixed battery we can use an external battery. Yes, true, but these chargers mean having to carry cables and good weight. The extra battery is usually much lighter than a power bank .

3.Acquiring a battery with more capacity

With a removable battery we will have the opportunity to exchange it for another one of greater amperage, thus we will be able to increase the capacity of a very simple form.

One signature known in this world is Mugen Power . In its website we will find both batteries with amperage higher than the original, as well as batteries that are incorporated in the back cover doubling or even tripling the autonomy.

4.Remove battery to power off

Smartphones are computers and as such are sometimes blocked. Surely it happened to you that at one point the phone stopped responding to our commands.

In the event that our smartphone does not respond to our attempt to turn it off by pressing and holding the power button, we will have to resort to removing the battery.

Manufacturers that decide to opt for a fixed battery take this into account and usually incorporate a key combination for forced shutdown (usually push button on and lower volume continuously for more than 12 seconds).

Removing the battery seems like a much simpler system and you need less than five seconds.

5.Help with personalization

A removable battery means that we can remove the back cover of our phone. This implies that we have a personalization advantage. If we do not like the back, surely we find on the internet another that fits better with our tastes.

It is clear that the fact that smartphones with fixed batteries are mostly unibodies makes them have extra resistance to falls, although in the event that damage the rear would be more difficult and expensive their exchange.


Finally, I can only say that as far as I am concerned, I have already said that I am a defender of removable batteries, but I like smartphones with unibody body.

So I guess if a smartphone presents good specifications and autonomy, I will not care if the battery can be removed or not. It will stay in the background.

Are you advocates of removable batteries? Do you have more reasons? And reasons to use fixed batteries?

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