The 5 Best Tricks to Win Battles in Clash Royale


Clash Royale is the mobile game of the moment. A strategy game in which the main objective is to win the battles to get drinks and, in this way, raise both sand and level.

Of course winning battles many times is not easy even if you have the best deck of all. There are several tips worth taking into account to develop a good strategy in Clash Royale.

Here are some tricks that are sure to help you win the battles in Clash Royale.

How to win battles in Clash Royale?


This is the most important advice of all. You should not think of the cards individually, but as a team .

For example, if your opponent has just released arrows, it may be a good time to launch the hordes of henchmen accompanied by fury; These two cards used at the same time can allow you to finish the tower of your rival in seconds.


During the battle, you must take into account your cost of elixir, but also that of the rival ; In this way, you will know when to attack.

If for example your opponent has just thrown a giant and some barbarians, you know that he is 0 of elixir; You can take advantage of that moment to attack some of its towers because you know that you have no defense.


In the same way that it is important that you consider the elixir of your opponent during the game, it is also key that you notice your cards if you want to win the battle. Like you, your opponent has eight cards .

If during the time that the game lasts you have only used seven of them, be careful because maybe a rocket or some strong card will be saved to surprise you in the end.


One of the most basic strategies of Clash Royale: attack your enemy by the side of the tower that you have touched most. This way, the same troops that you use to attack can serve to defend the tower.

First attack

In many occasions, the first attack is the most important, and the one that determines the end of the battle in Clash Royale.

Let your rival make the first move; If you have to defend yourself, always do it with a low level card to save elixir and find out what strategy you will use.

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